How to Work With Me

All psychological services I offer are private and confidential, governed by the privacy and confidentiality policies of our group practice Ottawa River Psychology & Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health Inc.

How to Work With Me:

Contact with me in a professional training, personal development workshop, professional consultation role, or through media does not constitute a therapeutic relationship.

I am happy to work with many clients either through supporting them to see a team member at Ottawa River Psychology or Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health Inc, the group practices of psychologists and psychotherapists of which I am a part, or in person myself. Below is how to become a client at our practices:

How to become a client:

Contact our office at 613-656-3331 or arrange a conversation with our Care Coordinator at Ottawa River Psychology/Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health Inc. via email info at ottawariverpsychology dot com or our booking website.

Sign a Consent to Treatment.  Professional practice guidelines require that you understand the risks and benefits of psychological services prior to engaging in them.  Our Care Coordinator is happy to go through the consent form with you if you have questions.  If a consent to treatment is not signed we will either have to reschedule our initial conversation or take time in the initial conversation to go through it, which takes time away from hearing your story.

Formally agree to the therapeutic contract offered after an intake, or accept a referral.  A first session will not automatically mean that you become my client.  The first session is to evaluate whether your needs are within my scope of practice and availability. Frequently I know a professional who may be a better match for your needs or my scope of practice and time availability may not meet your needs.  In these cases I will do my best to offer names of other resources and will facilitate a transfer of care.

After a therapeutic contract is offered, we will proceed with the collaborative treatment plan and the approaches that have been recommended as individually tailored to your needs and goals.