Meet Beth Sternlieb, Insight LA founder and Mindful Self Compassion Retreat Teacher

This is an interview Dr. Sogge did with Beth Sternlieb, Center for Mindful Self Compassion retreat teacher.

It was such a delight to spend an hour on May 1, 2018 reaching out from snowy Canada to sunny Los Angeles to get to know the amazing woman and Mindful Self Compassion retreat leader Beth Sternlieb. Beth is a presence of kindness and joy, and a senior teacher at InsightLA. (A little known fact is that InsightLA actually started in Beth’s living room! )

In this interview with Beth, we learn more about the CMSC Sponsored Summer Mindful Self Compassion Retreat in Beautiful Palos Verdes, California she’ll be co-leading with fellow certified MSC teacher David Spound in the Center for Mindful Self Compassion’s only U.S. sponsored retreat this July.Do not miss out on this one.

Please listen to our online interview to get a sense for Beth’s presence as a retreat teacher, and enjoy a wide ranging conversation on the beauty and benefits of retreat practice.

If you are short on time, below is quick guide to the intriguing retreat practice topics we discussed.

  • 00:00 Greeting by Dr Kimberly Sogge MSC Certified Teacher and Volunteer Retreat Coordinator
  • 00:45 Introducing Beth Sternlieb, InsightLA Senior Teacher and Founding Member
  • 02:42 Description of Rancho Palos Verdes near Los Angeles
  • 04:00 Beth’s Background with InsightLA
  • 05:31 Why Retreats are important
  • 06:22 Why Go on Retreat?
  • 07:00 Silence is not the purpose.
  • 07:30 Going deeper.
  • 08:30 Befriending your heart.
  • 09:48 Are retreats for beginners? A description of retreat structure: meditation jail or meditation heaven?
  • 12:30 Teacher availability on retreat.
  • 14:00 Retreat diversity: Everyone is welcome.
  • 16:00 Why Beth loves retreats.
  • 18:49 Feedback from prior retreats by David and Beth,
  • 20:40 Encountering the multiplicity of our selves. Encountering the heart of hearts.
  • 21:40 Meditations on MSC retreats: What to expect in practice.
  • 23:07 Why do an MSC Retreat if you have an established practice.
  • 25:35 Retreats meet MBI teacher requirements (MSC, check requirements for Mindfulness teachers, MBSR, MBCT)
  • 27:27 Embodied knowledge as teachers: Connecting and evaluating fit in selecting retreat teachers
  • 29:20 How to register for a retreat; and talking to David and Beth
  • 30:26 Imperfect buddhas: not all lotus blossoms
  • 30:43 Thank you and where to call or email with questions


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