Freedom from Distortion: MBRP Spring 2018

We assume that each human is born luminous, whole and vast in potential.  Through a lifetime of myriad causes and conditions anyone can become either the embodiment of their full potential, or a confused and distorted version of themselves.  It is our intention to look deeply into each person, and then drawing on the best we can find in the research literature of psychological science, psychotherapy, and the processes of human change, offer supports for each person we encounter to return to their whole, luminous, spacious human nature.

Aware that Canada is undergoing an epidemic of substance dependence, and many lives in our community are broken by dependence on addictive substances, two of our best clinicians are offering Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention as a support for those who have progressed in their recovery from an addiction to the point where they wish to prevent relapse and care for their lives and themselves in a manner that is free of distorting influences. This group is intended for those who have been through detoxification and perhaps inpatient treatment, and have progressed in their recovery to the point where their primary focus is on maintaining recovery and preventing relapse into old patterns.

David Hesidence is one of Ottawa’s best in the addictions and recovery field (see more about Dave in his bio in Our Team section of the practice website) and Marie-Eve Martel is in the process of completing not one but TWO doctorates, a Ph.D. and Psy.D. in both research and applied psychology (more about Marie-Eve in her bio in Our Team section of the practice website).  Dave and Marie-Eve are two people to whom I would trust my own psyche and the psyche of any of my family members. I look forward to supporting them as they follow their mission to expand the options for the recovery community in Ottawa, bringing psychological science as well as their own full and warm presences to each session of the upcoming Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Group in April 2018.  For more information on Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention, please see our events page, register online, or call our office to ask a question 613-656-3331.


Kimberly Sogge, Ph.D. C.Psych.

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