Free Resources

Useful Tools

Free workbooks from the Centre for Clinical Interventions (Australia)

Information on Bipolar and other Mood Disorders

Great CBT Homework and Behavioral Experiment downloads

Mindful Eating Awareness Checklist by Dr. Susan Albers

Pleasant Events Schedule

Positive Psychology Center at University of Pennsylvania by Dr. Martin Seligman et al.

Psychology of Flow – TED lecture by Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

What Makes Us Happy/Our Psychological Immune System- TED Lecture by Dr. Dan Gilbert

Self Compassion Scale by Dr. Kristin Neff

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center Audio Files

 Wellbeing Wizard

The Work by Byron Katie (Who would you be without your story?)


Resources for Athletes

Canadian Sport Centre Ontario Dr. Sogge is an approved provider for CSC.  Services for carded athletes are covered by CSC.

Enhancing Mindfulness and Flow in Sport by Dr. Sue Jackson

Inpatient Addictions Treatment for Professional Athletes – Florida, USA

Mindfulness Acceptance and Commitment Approach to Sport Psychology by Dr. Frank Gardner & Dr. Zella Moore

Revitalize Lives – Outpatient Addictions Counselling & Education – specializing in Hockey – Ottawa, CANADA

Zone of Excellence by Dr. Terry Orlick


Resources for Couples & Families

After the Affair – book by Dr. Janis Spring on CBT strategies for healing and rebuilding after infidelities

Center for Collaborative Problem Solving – evidence based interventions for family conflict and children with behavior problems

Children of the Self Absorbed – book for adults on re-building after growing up with narcissistic parents

Couples relationship exercises – free downloads from Dr. Pat Love

Gottman Institute – evidence based interventions for couples relationships by Dr. John Gottman et al.

Hold Me Tight – book by Dr. Sue Johnson on building healthy attachments

Hot Monogamy – book by Dr. Pat Love on building healthy sexuality in committed couples

How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk – Dr. John Van Epp

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child – book by Dr. John Gottman

Surviving a Borderline Parent – book on building healthy relationships after childhood with a borderline parent

The Good Divorce – book by Dr. Constance Ahrons on healthy relationship transitions

The Mindful Couple – book by Dr. Robyn Walser on mindfulness for building healthy couple relationships

Too Bad to Stay Too Good to Leave – book by Mira Kirshenbaum on relationship decision making



Resources for Mindfulness and Third Wave Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by Dr. Stephen Hayes, Dr. Kelly Wilson et al.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Brain Lock – Mindfulness and OCD by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz

Learning ACT (for therapists)

Center for Investigating Healthy Minds by Dr. Richie Davidson et al.

Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at University of Massachusetts

Dialectical Behavior Therapy resources by Dr. Marsha Linehan et al.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy resources by Dr. Zindel Segal et al.

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention resources by Dr. Alan Marlatt et al.

Reinventing Your Life – Schema Therapy for Personality Disorders – by Dr. Jeffrey Young

The Happiness Trap by Dr. Russ Harris M.D.


Resources for People Living With Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating

Centre for Mindful Eating

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario – Eating Disorders Program

FEAST-ED – information on the Maudsley model of family-based eating disorders treatment

Geneen Roth – books, workshops and retreats from a woman who has lived and thrived beyond eating disorders

Homewood – Eating Disorders Inpatient Treatment in Ontario (private facility)

Hopewell  – Community support for everybody affected by an eating disorder

How to Feed Children – healthy eating resources for parents by Ellyn Satter

Maudsley parents – a resource for parents of children with eating disorders

Mindful Eating Tools from Dr. Susan Albers

National Eating Disorder Information Centre

NOR.MAL – Nonprofit building Resilience through Mindfulness and Arts

The Ottawa Hospital – Adult Eating Disorders Program


Resources for Physicians and Health Care Professionals

Faculty Wellness Program at University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine

Physician Health in Canada –

Whole Person Care  at the McGill University Faculty of Medicine