FULLY ALIVE Skill #1: Live Your Values

Are you interested in removing obstacles to the kind of life you want?  Sometimes if we are feeling frustrated or thwarted, it might be because we are acting in ways that are inconsistent with our deepest values.  When we get clear on our values, then what we need to do becomes more evident.  When we act on our values, we can find satisfaction regardless of changing circumstances.

To clarify your own values, try describing how you want to spend your limited time on this planet using verbs: if you are a performer, a value might be “giving the best of my ability on performance night”, if you are an athlete, a value might be “being consistent in my training intensity”.  Notice that these definitions fit what sport psychologists would call “process goals”.  Process goals are statements about HOW you want to do something rather than the outcomes or results of what you do.

Knowing your values helps you pursue your goals as a whole person.   It doesn’t demand that your goals make you into a whole person.  Define your values and watch the rest of your life follow.

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