Coaching & Counselling for Performance

Are you ready to get out of your mind and into your life?

Dr Sogge’s clinical experience in mind-body health particularly mindfulness and compassion-based approaches to wellbeing, can help you fully encounter life’s challenges that go beyond medically-based diagnostic categories.  If you are struggling with health, performance, stress, a difficult relationship, grief, or other life challenges that go beyond medically-based diagnostic categories, let her help you find vitality even in the toughest challenge.

Dr Sogge, as well as her colleagues at Ottawa River Psychology Group, is frequently the clinician for other clinicians.  Physicians, residents, medical students, psychologists, therapists, executives, competitive athletes, personal trainers and other high performers have frequently found what they need here.

Together with her partner Peter Lloyd MBA Level IV CCC coach and mPeak trainer, an independent business consultant, Dr. Sogge offers Mindfulness Based Performance Enhancement Awareness and Knowledge (mPEAK) training for groups focused on performance.

Move beyond perceived limits.