Mindfulness in Nature Practice Group

We are serious about reconnecting  you to joy through cultivation of the heart and mind.  Recognizing the need for support of ongoing mindfulness practice and ongoing personal growth and wellbeing, and in response to the many requests from our former therapy clients and mindfulness course graduates, we would like to introduce Wild Blue Meditation.

Sogge & Associates Practice in Psychology founded Wild Blue Meditation as a non-clinical oriented branch of service in the form of mindfulness in nature practice groups and mindfulness in nature retreats.  Any excess proceeds from Wild Blue Meditation groups and retreats will be directed towards non-profit organizations in Canada that support and protect the Canadian wilderness and the Canadian environment.

We are delighted that you have asked for these personal growth and development services and that we have been able to respond.  For more information on these supports for wellbeing and health through mindfulness in nature practice, feel free to check out Wild Blue Meditation here or on Wild Blue Meditation/Wild Blue North on Facebook or @WildBlueNorth on Twitter.

We look forward to supporting your ongoing personal growth and wellbeing.

Click the link below to register for “Mindfulness in Nature Practice Group”.


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