Summer 2019 Awakening to Our True Nature Silent Teacher-Led Retreat

On retreat on the great Ottawa River in an NCC protected forest of old growth white pines; connect with the profound peace that can arise with silent mindfulness practice in nature.

To quote from the work of our dharma friends at Spirit Rock:

“Since ancient times all wise cultures have known the value of retreat. Time in retreat allows us to step out of the complexity of our life, to listen deeply to our body, heart and mind. For 2,600 years, meditation retreats have been a central part of the Buddhist path of awakening. Meditation retreats offer practical instruction and group support for discovering inner understanding and freedom.”

Wild Blue Mindfulness intends to design retreats in the tradition of Spirit Rock, which “combine the fertile atmosphere of silence with extensive time for meditation and walks in nature, supported by systematic Buddhist teachings. Careful guidance and training is offered in meditation.”

Awakening to Our True Nature is a Mindfulness in Nature Retreat with meditation practices led by an IMTA certified mindfulness teacher who is also a certified mindful self compassion teacher and registered doctoral level mental health professional. Some prior mindfulness meditation experience is suggested.*

This overnight retreat is an opportunity for deepening your mindfulness practice with the support of deep connection to nature. We will be practicing in a quiet, forested private retreat center on a private lake in LaPeche, Quebec in shared accommodations with vegetarian catering by the Galilee Centre team.

Participants will be expected to have the fitness to hike several km at a time and to walk uneven trails in the Gilles Forest around the Galillee Centre.

$200 is deposit only, and secures your spot at the retreat; deposits are fully refundable up to 3 months before the retreat (June 11, 2019).

Total retreat room/board/retreat management costs will be announced soon after Galilee Centre communicates their fees for 2019. Total retreat cost TBA.

Final payment for retreat room/board/retreat management costs is due 60 days prior to the retreat (June 11, 2019). . Late Registration fees after July 11, 2019. No refunds will be available within 30 days of the retreat.

If you are engaged in volunteering or activism to protect our natural environment, or in social justice causes related to climate change, call us to discuss and see if there is a scholarship available.

This retreat is sponsored by Wild Blue Mindfulness and practices are based on the book Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self Discovery by Spirit Rock Senior Teacher Mark Coleman.

Mindfulness in Nature practices will be guided by IMTA certified mindfulness teacher Kimberly Sogge, Ph.D. C.Psych.

Sessions will be conducted both in and out of doors so please dress appropriately, with comfortable clothes, closed-toe shoes or boots, clothing appropriate to the weather, hats etc. Please bring a water bottle to all sessions, and any meditation props that you find to be helpful (cushion, yoga mat, backjack or lightweight chair for sitting practice). Most sessions will include some gentle movement or walking practice so please offer care for yourself around mobility issues.

*If your application to retreat is not accepted your initial deposit of will be refunded in full. Participants with no prior meditation experience are encouraged to attend a mindfulness course or a weekly practice group in meditation prior to attending an overnight retreat.

Email notifications on any changes to the schedule or other details on the retreat will only be emailed to registered participants.

We look forward to awakening in the wild together.

Kimberly Sogge

IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teacher

CMSC Certified Mindful Self Compassion Teacher

Awake in the Wild Mindfulness in Nature Facilitator

Wild Blue Mindfulness

Click the link below to register for “Summer 2019 Awakening to Our True Nature Silent Teacher-Led Retreat”.


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