Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention – Spring 2018

This 8-week experiential course develops in participants a foundation mindfulness practice for facing the stresses and difficulties of life and preventing relapse into substance abuse or dependence.  This Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) course is based on the original 8 week curriculum developed by MBRP founders at University of Washington. MBRP teaches beneficial mindfulness practices from several Buddhist traditions in a non-sectarian, compassionate manner. In this course, participants will benefit from the skills of experienced addictions counseelor Dave Hesidence, Registered Psychotherapist and the outstanding clinical and research background of Marie-Eve Martel Ph.D. (candidate), under the supervision of Dr. Kimberly Sogge Ph.D. CPsych Registered Psychologist.  Dave and Marie-Eve have a capacity to create a safe environment in which to explore the fundamentals of mindfulness based relapse prevention with kindness and lightness, as an approach to maintaining recovery, dealing with lapses, preventing relapse, and continuing healing from substance abuse and dependence.

This course includes 8 weekly classes,  course materials and MP3s of guided meditations for home practice. Receipts may be available for reimbursement from some extended health plans*

Register online or call our office at 613-656-3331 or email info@drsogge.com

More about MBRP and your Course leaders:

MBRP (Bowen, Chawla and Marlatt, 2010) is a treatment approach developed at the Addictive Behaviors Research Centerat the University of Washington, for individuals in recovery from addictive behaviors.

The program is designed to bring practices of mindful awareness to individuals who have suffered from the addictive trappings and tendencies of the mind. MBRP practices are intended to foster increased awareness of triggers, destructive habitual patterns, and “automatic” reactions that seem to control many of our lives. The mindfulness practices in MBRP are designed to help us pause, observe present experience, and bring awareness to the range of choices before each of us in every moment. We learn to respond in ways that serves us, rather than react in ways that are detrimental to our health and happiness. Ultimately, we are working towards freedom from deeply ingrained and often catastrophic habits.

MBRP is designed as an aftercare program integrating mindfulness practices and principles with cognitive-behavioral relapse prevention. In our experience, MBRP is best suited to individuals who have undergone initial treatment and wish to maintain their treatment gains and develop a lifestyle that supports their well-being and recovery.

The primary goals of MBRP are:

1. Develop awareness of personal triggers and habitual reactions, and learn ways to create a pause in this seemingly automatic process.

2. Change our relationship to discomfort, learning to recognize challenging emotional and physical experiences and responding to them in skillful ways.

3. Foster a nonjudgmental, compassionate approach toward ourselves and our experiences.

4. Build a lifestyle that supports both mindfulness practice and recovery.”

More information on MBRP available at http://www.mindfulrp.com/

This course will be taught by David Hesidence, MSc, RP, and Marie-Eve Martel, PhD (c).

The course will take place on Monday evenings, starting on April 30th until June 10th (no class on Monday, May 21st due to Victoria Day). Centretown or Westboro location TBD.

To secure your spot in the course, a $100 registration fee is required (click on the Tickets link above), with the remaining amount to be paid by e transfer to info@drsogge.com no later than one week before the start of the course. Refunds available until 30 days prior to course start date. Receipts for insurance coverage by extended health insurance are offered at the end of the course.

If you have any questions about the class or to register by telephone, you may contact Sogge & Associates at 613 656 3331 or at info@drsogge.com.

*Students, please check with your insurance plan before registering for the course if you plan to seek reimbursement and if you are not sure if your insurance provider will cover this very valuable class. Student experiences with their insurance plans have varied in the past.  Most insurance companies in Canada, the US and abroad have a history of covering this course.

Click the link below to register for “Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention – Spring 2018”.


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