Beginning the Adventure of Mindfulness: 8 Week Course

This 8 week Beginning the Adventure of Mindfulness course offers support for those who have completed an introductory level course in a mindfulness based intervention such as MBSR, MBCT, MiCBT, MSC, or a weekend or week long insight meditation retreat.

The Beginning the Adventure of Mindfulness course equips those previously introduced to mindfulness in a structured, passive recipient training format  for a longer, wilder journey of integrating mindfulness deeply into their lives through deepening connection with core mindfulness practices, didactic teaching, reflective inquiry in community, and homework that explores the dharma roots of all of secular mindfulness interventions.

It is the intention of the Beginning the Adventure of Mindfulness course to assist students to move from being on a guided tour of their own minds to being confident and well equipped adventurers in awareness, established in practice, and able to embody mindfulness in both formal and informal practices in the flow of every day life.

This first 8 week course will explore the foundational insight meditation teachings and practices underlying all of the 8 week secular mindfulness based interventions so familiar in the modern marketplace.  This course is ideal for those who wish to continue to develop and deepen a daily meditation practice and further their understanding of the profound commitment to freedom, joy and liberation from suffering in the traditions underpinning most secular mindfulness interventions.  Sessions will include silent practice, teaching on mindfulness from an IMTA or MBSR certified mindfulness teacher, group reflective inquiry, recommended readings, check-ins with a practice partner, home practices, and guided audios.

Who: Recommended for students with some prior introduction to mindfulness practice and an interest in deepening daily practice

What:  This is not a mindfulness based intervention course, nor is there a focus on alleviation of symptoms. The purpose of this course is to strengthen the foundations for awakening of the heart-mind relying on the teaching, writing and practices in the Insight Meditation tradition. Due to its focus on freedom and liberation, and its explicit exploration of Buddhist texts, it is not anticipated that this course will be eligible for insurance coverage.

When: 3-5pm Thursdays starting January 2019

Course Dates: January 10, 17, 24, 31,  February 7, 14, (no class Feb 21), February 28, March 7, 2019. 

Where: Wild Blue Mindfulness studio in the lower level of the Ottawa River Psychology Group at 44 Hawthorne Avenue in Centretown Ottawa

How to Reigster: Register online via Eventbrite or call ORPG at 613-656-3331

After This Course: Interested graduates of the Beginning the Adventure of Mindfulness 8 week course will be invited to apply for a two year Mindfulness Guide training program that will involve monthly online mentoring, pairing with a dharma buddy, the development of sangha, two five day intensive nature retreats, home practice journalling, and deepening exploration of the roots of mindfulness through both didactic and experiential methods.


Click the link below to register for “Beginning the Adventure of Mindfulness: 8 Week Course”.


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